Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A whirlwind

So..I have moved along to a video podcast. Hmmmmm?  I am not sure how this is all gonna roll but between audio and video I think there is a modality for me.  As usual I ask for flexibility as I navigate what's best and suits the themes of the show. 

Mom and I had a blast at the Fiber Frolic. Next time I will be able to show you what's happening with the Shetland/Corriedale fleece I bought at the fleece tent.

I am headed to Alaska for a few weeks in the near future but plan to have a post before I leave...most likely video.  In the meantime be well and be blessed with warm fuzzes be that wool or pets!

On the Needles: Rivington Cowl: Kristin Kapur
          Ruit Farm North-coopsworth
Off the Needles: Sullivan: Whitney Gregg-Harrison
           Shelter Yarn-Targhee/Columbia (woolen spun)

Maine Fiber Frolic-first weekend in June
           Wrinkle in Thyme Farm: Needle Felting Tiles
            Tidal Yarns-gray overdyed, homespun
            Catawampus Farms-overdyed mohair, Lincoln and Alpaca
            Hatchtown Farm-gray coopsworth
            The Ross Farm-Cotswold

A Second Whirl from Sarah Knit on Vimeo.
An attempt at video podcasting...yikes, batdogs. This time I talk about the On & Off the Needles, the Fiber Frolic, Dogs & Windows and promptly run out of time.

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