Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sweating Stitches

My knitting anxiety is in full swing as I prepare for vacation which is silly. While Rob is worried about what to pack for day hikes, kayaking, and general logistics, I can't seem to get past what to bring on the plane.  That being said, and as much as I tell my self to stop, vacation knitting is serious business. It is when all my imaginary knitting has the chance to become Pinocchio and they so very much want to be a "real" projects that they drive me right to the belly of the whale, where all the lights are out.  I know, this is not hero's journey here. I am not embarking to find the golden fleece or enter some transformative consciousness. Nope, I am simply trying to make a decision about what to knit. So far I am two for three, I am taking the following:

The Mind Reader for Rob
Yarn: Elsa Cormo Fingering, brown

Waffle Creams Socks for Mom
Yarn: Madeline Tosh Sock, Baltic

? for Me
( I perspired a little contemplating this)

Episode 3-1 from Sarah Knit on Vimeo.

As for the show notes be sure to check out the following:

Bare Naked Yarns
If you do do a google search...don't forget the "yarn" bit, just saying...

Woolen Rabbit Yarns

Who's been inspiring me lately?

Down Cellar Studios: this will be my first KAL and I love her podcast. 

Heather of Highland Handmade and the Fiberista Files
She is my closest non-related fiber friend and we are working on a fall retreat excited.

I did not get to mention this in the podcast but there is a strong possibility I may be going to Rhinebeck this fall.  I know, I know, more anxiety not only is there the drive but what about the sweater?  Perhaps Rob will let me borrow his that I am knitting for the KAL, one can only hope!